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A not-so-short, but necessary hiatus
Thursday, September 18, 2008
UPliving is in somewhat of a hibernation state right now. Our last newsletter that was sent out in July announced the birth of little Isabela Raven. My wife and I maintain this site as a hobby and are devoting most of our time to being proud parents right now. The remainder of 2008 might not see too many features. Although we have another artist feature in the works. And that ice fishing feature is finished. I just didn't want to put it up in the spring...or the summer...not even the fall. I'll post it this December.

We have some exciting ideas for this site. Hopefully, 2009 will get to see all of them.

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Down the Ice Fishing Hole
Saturday, March 1, 2008
I think it was the 16th that we went ice fishing. The drive that is usually 15 minutes turned into a 30 minute drive. We arrived at the lake in the middle of an official white out. I lived in Delta county most of my life and I can't remember a winter like this. Even of my 4 years I spent in Houghton I don't think we ever got this much snow. It does come as a relief though. I was starting to wonder if we were losing our winters. As they were becoming less white. Somehow having snow makes the cold more bearable.

As it turns out, we have to go out to the ice shack again. Fish seem to have a case of camera shyness. And what would an ice fishing feature be if we didn't catch a fish. Also, the ice fishing experience doesn't transfer to video too well. So in efforts to not bore the viewers, I'm working on a underwater sequence. Here's a screen shot of the video.

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